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Marketing effectively to prospects & customers and building a strong brand identity are the results of creativity and consistency in: 
   • delivery methods,
   • visual design, and
   • compelling messages.

Logicalinks, LLC brings creative ideas and processes to these three areas, integrating them into a cohesive strategy that helps you connect with your target audience.
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• Ineffective Delivery +
• Professional Visuals +
• Compelling Message 
Lack of awareness by target audience

Visual Design

• Effective Delivery +
• Unprofessional Visuals +
• Compelling message
Unprofessional appearance and unimpressed target audience


• Effective Delivery +
• Professional Visuals +
• Uncompelling Message
Unengaged and uninterested target audience


• Effective Delivery
• Professional Visuals +
• Compelling Message +
Target audience is aware, impressed, and engaged
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Logicalinks did an amazing job of listening to the message I want to convey in my keynote presentation, reviewing ideas around the type of visuals are attractive to me, and nailing it on the head the first time!  

Cheryl is so easy to work with, professional, and extremely talented. She does an incredible job of creating a cohesiveness throughout the project. 

~Katie Griffith, Owner, Bright Solutions

We are so pleased with your work and your dedication to the project.  We are happy to offer our endorsement of your work to others and please use us as a reference. We are especially grateful for the many hours you spent working on the site and meeting with our team members to capture and enhance our ideas so completely.

“Website is wonderful!”  “It is both beautiful and beautifully functional, even on a phone!” “Glorious” “So well done and easy to navigate” “Excellent job”

~Quill Duncan, Chair, DEAM

Cheryl was an absolute pleasure to work with!  She truly went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with my photos.  Not only is she a great photographer, but her service is impeccable.  I would highly recommend.

~Kenny Gray, Graduate Student

(Logicalinks) worked well with limitations of the platform that I had already purchased;  offered encouragement throughout process; flexible on timeline;  took time to learn my business to be able to offer good ideas on content and design; inspired me to keep working on the site to get comfortable so I can manage it going forward

~Beth Herndon, Owner, Pathway 360
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