Who We Are


Our mission is to help small businesses connect with their prospects and customers through design integration and marketing strategies.


Through honest, attentive interactions and quality service, our vision is to be a well-regarded design and marketing provider for small businesses.

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Our Philosophy

Why so much emphasis on connection? 

You'll often see it on our site, but connection is more than some buzzword we casually throw around like a Frisbee® on a sunny day. Connection is the goal... the thread weaving its way through our entire business approach.

  • We aim to connect with our clients in a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • We tailor our services to connect with your business in a way that meets your goals.
  • We design your marketing materials to connect with each other to strengthen your brand. 
  • We make a path for you to connect to your customers in mutually beneficial ways.
Does connection always mean a sale is made?

It would be great if it did, but sustainable business relationships rely on more than simply making a sale. Connection means maintaining positive relationships with customers whether money changes hands or not. Connections, both positive and negative, stay in your customers' minds as they decide whether to bring in repeat business and how they speak of your business to others.

Our Promise

What we can guarantee if you work with Logicalinks, LLC:

  • honest, up-front transactions
  • clear, written expectations of project details
  • prompt interactions
  • attentive service
  • quality offerings
  • excellent value-to-cost ratios
  • focus on integrated marketing if the project extends beyond one item

Our People

On this site, I use "we" and "I" interchangeably, although the "we" of this business is mostly me. I could not be successful without other contractors who are experts in their field, vendors, back-up designers, talented friends who provide feedback, and loved ones who are think I'm the greatest designer ever, so I include them in how I speak of Logicalinks. But the one doing the heavy lifting? That's all me.

My experience ranges from agencies to in-house design departments, from print design to web design, from Macs to Windows, from design-only jobs to marketing planning, and from part-time freelance to full-time corporate work. Chances are, we can work successfully with you.

Photo of Cheryl
Cheryl Totty

Our Projects

The Ones We Take and the Ones We Don't

Our experience in design and marketing is deep and wide—deeper in some places than others. We learned a long time ago that if you're an expert in one thing, most likely, you're not evenly balanced in other areas. While being an expert can be a good thing, even a great thing, in the wide-ranging fields of design and marketing, it's better to be really good at several things. So we proudly wear the mantle of "Jane of all trades and master of none" because it helps us assist you best across the board.

Knowing Our Weakness Is a Strength

Knowing our strengths and limitations is also advantageous in other ways. If your project is beyond our expertise to complete or to pull together with other contractors, we will work to help you find a qualified professional who can take the project to completion. Our reputation for excellent work is the most important aspect of our business. If that becomes compromised by biting off more than we can chew, then that is a step toward failure we are not willing to take.

We also treasure a work/life balance. As much as we love to say "Yes!" to projects that come to us, not every project is a good fit. Whether it's lack of expertise or time on our part, we will not enter into a contract with you that we cannot complete with a good faith effort.

We reserve the right to work with clients of our choosing, without explanation. We treat our prospects and clients with respect in all areas. We do not use nor do we accept any profane/abusive language or behavior. We also do not discuss politics or religion with clients. Outside of talking about your business, many other wonderful topics exist for our conversation pleasure. :)

Our Processes

Of course, every customer and every project will have a unique experience, but we have created a step-by-step list of the most common process when doing business with Logicalinks.

In general, the process tends to follow these steps:

Step #1: Contact

Somehow, in the entire cosmos, we will make contact with one another. 

Step #2: Inquiry About Project Viability

Through a series of questions on both our parts, we will determine if your business needs and our business offerings are a good fit. We will also discuss issues such as budgets and deadlines. 

Step #3: Inquiry About Specifics

We will discuss the nitty gritty details together about your goals, strategies, tactics, personnel contacts, timelines, and more.

Step #4: Project Proposal/Quote

We will create a project proposal/quote that includes a price quote, general timeline, general designation of responsibilities, and project expectations. You may review the proposal and make any necessary changes at this time.

Step #5: Contract

Once proposal agreement has been reached, we will generate a contract for the project. We will also lay out the specifics for payments, timeline, milestones to be reached, designation of responsibilities, and project expectations. This keeps both parties on track for meeting the project deadline and provides a clear understanding of the end product(s).

Step #6: Production Work

During this time, as we work on your project, we will keep you apprised of work progression during milestone check-ins. Feedback and revisions are handled during these milestones.

Step #7: Half-Way Point Invoicing (Depending on project size)

As it will be explained in your contract, for larger projects, we bill for half the project budget at the halfway project milestone, payable in 15 days.

Step #8: Project Delivery

Depending your project, this delivery may be a website going live, digital print files being provided, or a marketing consultation brief being discussed. If you have an ongoing project, such as social media ads, delivery will occur at recurring times specified in the contract.

Step #9: Final (and Recurring) Invoice

For one-time, larger projects, a final bill for the remaining half of the project will issued, payable in 15-days. For smaller projects, the entire project bill will be invoiced, payable in 15 days.

Step #10: Feedback Questionnaire

Shortly after completion of your project, we will submit a feedback form to your principal contact. This review will provide us an opportunity to learn from your experience and to make our service to our clients better with every interaction.

Our Pricing

Ah, the sticky subject! For many businesses, price is what drives every project. At Logicalinks, we know that is the way of doing business for a lot of people. We just happen to think it's not always the best way, especially if you have a long-term vision for your business.

Value-Based Pricing

At Logicalinks, we price our services at a fair value for the relative impact of having a professionally created marketing item for your business. Each item in your marketing plan is a piece of a larger goal... growing your business and strengthening your brand identity.

For example, if we can create a website for you that offers a positive customer interaction, strengthens your brand identity through design integration, provides relevant information to your customers 24/7, and gathers potential customer information, it won't matter to you if we spent 10 hours or 100 hours creating it. It only matters to you that your business is satisfied with the product/services and receives a fair return on your reasonable investment. And therein lies the value.

At Logicalinks, we protect our customers, not take advantage of them with cheap offerings. The cheap graphic designers on gig sites are like the budget "plastic surgeons" at the seedy strip malls who will inject your lips with industrial silicone. You may get a trout pout, but you will also regret and pay for your decision down the road.

Reputation, experience, accountability, expertise, custom creativity... these are the intangibles that make value more important than cost, and these are the intangibles Logicalinks provide to you.

Our Philanthropy

What? As time allows, we like to offer free or greatly reduced design services to non-profit organizations who are doing good in their communities.

How? Our aim is to create two websites or offer two print collateral design packages per year, if our schedule allows. 

Who? We enjoy helping those who help others... food pantries, animal shelters and rescue groups, etc. 

Why? It makes us feel good. :)

The legal stuff? We reserve the right to choose, solely at our discretion, to work with those non-profits with whom we feel an affinity, without explanation of acceptance of or denial of services, nor any expectation of ongoing support. We also reserve the right to choose the scope of work we offer free or at a discounted price.

Non-profit example
A non-profit service ministry in Decatur, GA helping residents with assistance for food, prescription drug costs, utility payments, and clothing.
Non-profit example
A non-profit rescue group, Atlanta Boxer Rescue, needs help with graphic design throughout the year for fund raisers and events.
Non-profit example
Atlanta Mennonite Church in Decatur, GA is an anabaptist church whose community lives and serves to work for justice and peace.
Let us tell you about our logo...

We wanted to use colors with an earthy, natural vibe... because we care deeply about nature and the environment.

The name of our business is one of those words that can be said/understood two ways... as "Logical inks" to reflect the print process, and "Logical Links" to reflect Web navigation. If you notice, the middle L is a combination of the two word colors so it can work for both words. And we used "logical" because that's how we approach almost everything. :)

Not only can our name be read both ways, but the logo mark can also be viewed in the two ways that mirror the name: First, you can see two "L"s of Logical Links (green & terracotta) interlocking with each other, and second, you can see an "L" and an "i" of Logical Inks (green & tan) in the left L and top of both Ls.

And finally, the pieces of the logo mark also remind us of Tetris and a Rubik's cube, both skill/problem-solving games we enjoyed playing when they were popular.

As you can see with our own logo, it reflects who we are in meaningful ways. As we continue to build our brand and as we live out our mission and vision statements, the logo will become meaningful to others as a symbol of quality work and excellent customer service.

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