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Social Media Marketing: Is It Worth Your Business’s Time & Money?
Some small business owners view investment into SMM the way many of us view Bitcoin…with a mix of trepidation and fear of missing out. Should I get into this? Am I passing on the chance to make a big return on a small investment?
Are You Expecting Too Much From An Ordinary Logo?
Creating a strong brand identity is not merely about having a good logo. But consistently and professionally integrating a strong, unique logo into your marketing goes a long way toward building your brand identity and making positive connections that will be remembered by your prospects and customers.
A Marketing Calendar Can Be An Indispensable Tool For Reaching Your Sales Goals
Having a calendar planned out far enough to provide a clear path to your goals, yet flexible enough to adjust for necessary changes based on results and feedback, is a valuable tool that reduces stress and improves workflows.
Multi-Tasking: Three Reasons It’s An Atrocious Idea
On the surface, multi-tasking sounds like a perfect plan for increasing productivity without increasing the time. But is it?
Four Reasons Using Smart Phone Photography is Not So Smart
Using professional photos on your website is always your best option. Having a great tool in hand does not automatically provide good results. As a matter of fact, the more technically advanced a tool is, the more it may serve to draw attention to the user's lack of skill in wielding it.
Six Pieces of a Layout Puzzle, Part 1
Design layout encompasses more than merely fitting the separate parts onto a page, postcard, advertisement, etc. Design is also about composing and balancing the essential elements so they communicate your message with clarity. Part One

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Pushing Pixels into Perfect Place
Whatever your business needs in the way of telling communicating a message, it is likely that a professional image editor will be able to accommodate your request.
Six Welcome Suggestions for New Employees
Helping your employees feel welcome and confident goes a long way toward their job satisfaction. Simple things can help your new employee adjust to the organization's culture and will go a long way to preparing them for job satisfaction and success.
SEO: Why It is Essential to Your Site
Combining strong SEO practices with relevant content will give your site its best chance to work its way up in the rankings. It's requires more effort to stay on top of these practices, but the effort is offset by the cost savings.
Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 2
Moving beyond basic structures into content is easy with the right guide. Knowing where your business stands allows you to choose the best path forward. This is vital information that cannot be underestimated in value.
Return on Investment of a Custom Website
When deciding how to measure value, remember the important difference between cost and investment... the former never comes back... the latter comes back and brings its friends.
Navigation on a Website: Hint… It Isn’t a Straight Line
No formula exists for web design that can account for all the possible ways a reader may move through the site, but a good designer can help make sure that when a reader lands on a page, they are provided visual clues that help.
Five Areas to Put Your Best Foot (and Head) Forward
Take advantage of the emotional response people have when viewing photos to create a positive connection with your staff and your work. Whether it's to elicit a response or tell a story, images always capture attention.
Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 1
Even when you don't know where to start, a good designer can help you focus. Just like many of us are not good with numbers, many people are not good with communicating visually or describing concepts.
Five Easy Ways to Make Your Event Booth/Table Memorable
Events are a great way to have potential customers right at your fingertips. A few universal pieces of advice will work in any situation where your sales people are in a defined space and depending on prospects to approach them.
Design Integration is Essential to Connecting with Your Audience
If you've ever owned a business, you've undoubtedly asked yourself, "How do I reach potential customers?" As with most things in life, if you don't have a plan to reach them, you most likely won't.
Take Advantage of Your Chance to Shine
Presentations are often the culmination of your team's efforts to make the final push for a sale. Sometimes, they are one of the first chances you have to make a good impression.
Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 2
Is your website working for you at peak efficiency? Is it selling your product or service? Is it strengthening your brand and all the good things you want associated with it?
Let’s Get Moving! Assembling Six Pieces to Create an Effective Video
Quiet on the set! Ready. Set. Action!! Video is an excellent tool to reach customers in a way that mimics human interaction. Using it to instruct, demonstrate, or teach is often an preferred choice for communication.
Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 1
Understanding all the working pieces of your website, both the hidden pieces and the pieces seen by the viewer, is crucial to transform your site from an online brochure into a lead generator.
Six Pieces of a Layout Puzzle, Part 2
Layout is more than making items fit; it is about finding a balance between elements that draws the reader in, leads them through the narrative, and ultimately, evokes a positive response to your message.
Branding Isn't Just for Cattle
Brand identity encompasses every area of your business, not just your logo. Understanding where and how your business logo fits into your overall brand is a good first step in building a strong identity.

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