Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 1

Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 1
Just like many of us are not good with numbers, many people are not good with communicating visually or describing concepts. Fortunately, a good designer knows how to coax that information out of the decision maker.

Do you know how to talk to a designer? This is not a trick question, but one that stems from our experience as a designer who has worked with numerous clients of all types. The answer is often “I don’t how to tell you what I want, but I’ll know what I see/hear it.” It’s an unfortunate fact for most designers when working with people who do not communicate visually nor think in marketing terms. Just like many of us are not good with numbers, many are not good with visuals or selling concepts. Fortunately, a good designers knows how to coax that information out of the decision maker.

The other situation we've encountered is when someone isn't even sure what they want, or know what they need when it comes to marketing or design. Don't feel bad about that... we probably don't know much about your specialty either. You’re probably great at whatever it is that you do, and you’re ready to share it with the world, but you’re not sure how to begin. That's why we count on people with experience to lead us through the maze of options to the best solution.

Fortunately, we have created a set of topics that form a structure which gets at WHAT your project will be, but not yet HOW your project will look. (That is covered in Part 2.) This starts us off with a simple, defined approach that forms the skeleton upon which we will build.  This helps your designer know what size, shape, and direction your project will take.

At Logicalinks, we offer one FREE, half-hour phone consultation prior to the start of any project to help determine if partnering with us can lead your marketing efforts toward greater success.

Prior to our discussion, you will be invited to submit a form covering these items:

After Logicalinks receives your submission, we will set up a time to discuss your project. We will also discuss:

Asking these questions early in the process forces the client to assess what they are trying to achieve with the project, and at the same time, forces the designer to assess if they are a good fit to help the client achieve their goals. Once the client and designer have worked through and established the boundaries of the project, a level of trust and communication have been achieved which helps during the more subjective phase of the project, determining the HOW of the project. 

Learn how to move beyond the structure of the project(s) to discussing the content in Part Two.

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