Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 2

Do You Know How to Talk to a Designer? Part 2
Knowing where your business stands allows you to choose the best path forward. This is vital information that cannot be underestimated in value.

Once the boundaries of a project have been established, as spelled out in Part 1, the client and designer are ready to move on to determine the method of marketing as well as the overall visual approach to their collateral.

In addition to having phone conversations (or if preferred, answering questions via email), the designer will engage in some fact-finding topics that will help them understand the “personality” of both the business as an entity and the owner as a guiding force.

These are just a few examples of topics to be covered when determining the shape of the project.:

From a more analytical level, effective marketing starts with a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of a snapshot of your current marketing efforts. Many people use a SWOT analysis as a starting point for determining a strategy. (SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats.) 

How it works

  1. Logicalinks will conduct a SWOT analysis of your current marketing efforts in relation to your business's position in the marketplace. Examined in this analysis will be your print & web marketing, your brand identity, and your marketing delivery methods.
  2. Internal surveys are conducted to understand your processes, as well as external surveys to uncover how your customers view your business.
  3. Discussion of your short-term and long-term goals as they compare to the feedback from the analysis, from staff, and from customers is critical to setting realistic expectations for success.
  4. Determining and understanding your target audience(s), known as a persona will be a key step in crafting an effective marketing effort. Your strategy is driven by meeting the needs of and connecting with this persona that will drive the strategy of your marketing plan.
  5. Combining your goals with the analysis results and gearing those results toward the personas will result in an overall strategy, as well as tactics and actions. This plan will be the blueprint of your marketing efforts going forward.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, goals may need to be adjusted to modify your strengths to fit the opportunities uncovered in the analysis process. Conversely, goals may also need to be adjusted to align more realistically with current conditions and resources. Knowing where your business stands and choosing the best path forward is vital information that cannot be underestimated in value.

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