Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 1

Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 1
Understanding all the working pieces of your website, both the hidden pieces and the pieces seen by the viewer, is crucial to transform your site from an online brochure into a lead generator.

Logicalinks uses four evaluation categories for your website, found to be useful after years of experience and observation. These categories can also be modified to evaluate other marketing materials as well. However, knowing what your current situation is versus knowing what it SHOULD be, is why a professional evaluation can help.


Content refers to the messaging of your site. What is the story you're trying to communicate? Are you speaking in terms your target audience will understand and with a message that will appeal to them?


Connection deals with how your site handles reaching out to your customers and the ease with which you provide avenues for them to reach you.

With only two categories, we've already covered ten items that are important to making sure your site is working for you.

For the next two elements/concepts, visit our Part 2 post.

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