Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 2

Four Areas to Evaluate a Website’s Effectiveness, Part 2
Is your website working for you at peak efficiency? Is it selling your product or service? Is it strengthening your brand and all the good things you want associated with it? 

We continue reviewing the most important elements/concepts involved in evaluating a website’s effectiveness. Please refer to Part 1 for the previous elements.


Form refers to the visual appeal and overall user interface of a website. This greatly affects a user's positive or negative response and is often the first, strongest, and possibly, the only impression they have of your business.


Function regards the best practices of how a website operates within wider Internet.

If your website encompasses best practices in all of these areas, you can be assured that you are well on your way to having the best site you can, and probably, a better site than much of your competition.

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