Let’s Get Moving! Assembling Six Pieces to Create an Effective Video

Let’s Get Moving! Assembling Six Pieces to Create an Effective Video
Whether you want to film your staff in their work environment or to show a how-to video about your product, creating a video is an easy and effective way to accomplish your purpose.

Videos are an easy way to offer instructions for your products and services, to communicate who your company is in a more personal way, or to advertise an upcoming event to build excitement. Video is the most natural form of communicating with your customers, short of a face-to-face conversation. And in some ways, it is superior to personal encounters because it allows the viewer the ability to watch the presentation when it’s convenient for them, they may replay the video if needed, and they may easily share the video with other interested parties.

A professional videographer should be able to offer help in the following areas:


The art of sketching out the entirety of your video, showing step-by-steps shots, camera angles, dialogue blocks, and scenes with simple line drawings and direction notes. Thinking through the sequences ahead of time gives you a good idea of the resources, settings, and actors needed to accomplish your vision.


This involves writing the words spoken in a video. Understanding how to write in a way that closely follows the storyboard is important to making sure your script is concise enough to fit into the video’s time frame and in sync with the images on the screen at the time. Knowing you have only a few minutes helps focus your message to its essential parts.

Voiceover & Soundtrack

Having a male or female voice, having an accent or not, the pitch of a voice… these are all voice over decisions that will affect the overall feel of your video. Additionally, the soundtrack, while usually subtle, greatly influences the personality of your video. Do you write original music? Do you pay for audio clips or licensed songs? These are all decisions to be made in the compiling of the video. (Logicalinks does not provide actual voice overs, but we have connections with those who do and will be glad to assist you in finding a resource that suits your needs.)


Filming in 1080p is sufficient for most business publications needs. It looks good on high-resolution screens, but does not create files so large that they become unmanageable for social media and sharing purposes. Logicalinks does not use professional boom microphones for sound, but we do offer remote mics which provide satisfactory sound quality for smaller-budget videos.


Video editing serves the same purpose as text editing does for words, except it uses images. It is taking all of the separate elements, culling it down to the essentials, and assembling them in such a way that the story is made compelling, interesting, and flowing. When edited correctly, it should move the viewer toward a positive response.

Special Effects

These are to be used sparingly in marketing videos. The amount of labor for grand special effects rarely outweighs the benefit they offer. Logicalinks can create simple effects that work well for marketing, such as product and company videos, instructional aids, and event videos. But we believe that a focus on a professionally shot, straightforward, and thoughtful presentation of your message gives your business the greatest return on investment.

Logicalinks offers final publication of your video in formats that work well in all major browsers, mobile devices, television screens, and display monitors. We also offer formats that can be embedded into your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. The ways and means that you can use videos across social media, at events, for client presentations, and more make them a valuable tool in your marketing efforts.

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