Pushing Pixels into Perfect Place

Pushing Pixels into Perfect Place
Image editing and image manipulation are often used interchangeably without being exactly wrong, but a slight difference of intent is enough to merit a closer look.

Image editing is often needed in marketing in order to ensure the product or service is presented in the best possible light. This involves such actions as removing flyaway hair or slight blemishes from a headshot, cropping a photo to remove distracting elements, color correcting skin tones, or taking out the color entirely to create a grayscale image.

Apple edited with money
Money merged with sliced apple

Image manipulation is also an editing process, but it takes the actions a step further in two possible ways. The first way creates an image that exists only in the mind of the storyteller in order to communicate a concept. The example with the apple combined with a dollar bill to represent school lunchroom budgets is an example of the first kind of manipulation.

The second way creates an image that COULD happen in real life with the right conditions. In this case, the editor just helps those conditions along. For example, the car is merged with a sunset from a different time and location but it more accurately conveys the dramatic impact the storyteller is looking for. And finally, manipulation may be as simple as adding an employee into a group shot if they were unable to attend the company photo shoot.

Car with sunset
Car with different sunset

While the ability to manipulate pixels has advanced tremendously in the past few years, to the point where sometimes only experts can tell if it is original or not, it has also created skepticism... that what we see is not always the truth of the matter. To be clear, we do not encourage anyone to modify/manipulate an image in order to present an untruth or incomplete truth; instead, we seek to combine images to create a concept (as in the apple concept) or to improve the impact of an image (as in the car image).

Whatever your business needs in the way of telling your story, it is likely that a professional image editor will be able to accommodate your request.

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