Return on Investment of a Custom Website

Return on Investment of a Custom Website
For one year, would you pay $15/day for an employee who never complains, works all day every day (even holidays) for as many years as needed, and who provides a positive, useful, and engaging experience for every one of your prospects and customers? 

Of course you would! So paying $5,475* for a custom website is totally worth the investment relative to the return!

We understand that you have a budget. We do too! We constantly decide where we will invest money for a quality product that will provide the best possible return on investment (ROI). Even if you're just starting out, the way to grow your business is to invest in the tools that work to make more money.

Because Logicalinks designs and builds sites that are crafted to bring you success through careful and deliberate integration with your other marketing efforts, we choose to offer only custom-built sites—not canned templates. 

Sure, we could offer low-price packages for cheap templates, slap some images and text into pages that hundreds of others are using, and take your money, but that would not position you for success. We want to grow our business and our brand reputation through quality offerings that actually help our customers... not to profit from pushing a multitude of sites that do not meet your needs or goals.

Template sites work for some businesses, usually the ones with a product or service so unique, they don't have to stand out among their competitors. To them, we say, "Well done!"Not because they have a template site, but because they have a unique business.

With a custom site, built by a marketing and design professional, you have advantages that will affect your viewer's experience, just to name a few:

As with any large investment, feeling like your ideas are being heard and having input into the process is key to a satisfactory partnership. A good designer will apply their experience and expertise to your goals and ideas for growing your business, resulting in a site that is worth the investment you make.

*$5,475 is a sample price to illustrate a point about the reasonable cost for a custom website, relative to the benefits you receive. Your site investments may be more or less, depending on your needs.

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