SEO: Why It is Essential to Your Site

SEO: Why It is Essential to Your Site
Why is SEO important? How many other situations do you have where customers are looking for YOU, rather than the other way around?! SEO is like leaving crumbs on the trail to help them find the path to your door.

Make it easy for your prospects to find you. Paid rankings work best, but can be expensive. Maintaining your site's SEO is your next best (and cheapest) method of working your way up the ranks.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in a nutshell, is an overarching effort that seeks to increase your non-paid ranking in search engines. 

Several factors affect how SEO is determined:

With a maintenance subscription, we will help you write SEO content up front, then continue to massage that content based on how people in your industry are searching for sites like yours. Revising your site's SEO content as necessary helps you stay on top of trends, changes, and hot topics in your field, boosting your rank over your competitors who are not tending their sites.


When it comes to free tools, it's hard to beat Google® Analytics. In some businesses, a person or a whole team is dedicated to examining the data from analytics. Logicalinks does not provide "deep-dive" analytics, but we do offer month-to-month comparison data from 10 different segments that are important to keeping tabs on the behavior of your website visitors.

Your website maintenance and support packages offer different options for monthly feedback in these areas.

  1. New or Unique Visitor Conversion
  2. Sources for Incoming Traffic
  3. Interactions per Visit (Pages/Sessions)
  4. Return Visitor Conversion
  5. Value per Visit
  6. Bounce Rate
  7. Lead Generation Costs (Cost per Conversion)
  8. Exit Pages
  9. Page Views
  10. Average Session Duration

The most important area that improves your non-paid ranking improvement is providing content that is helpful to people. You can have the best-looking site in your industry, but if the content is not attracting viewers through organic searches or link backs, then you mostly likely will see little improvement. Even with paid rankings, if your site has a top spot, but people visit your page, find nothing of value, and leave quickly, your ranking will slip. Then, costs will increase as you struggle to push your site at the top.

Combining strong SEO practices with relevant content will give your site its best chance to work its way up in the rankings. It's requires more effort to stay on top of these practices, but the effort is offset by the cost savings.

Take advantage of our FREE, custom evaluation of your website based on four major areas that can make or break its effectiveness. Details are on sign-up page.

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