Take Advantage of Your Chance to Shine

Take Advantage of Your Chance to Shine
An effective and professional presentation is one way you can place yourself a notch above the competition.

Presentations are often the culmination of your team's efforts to make the final push for a sale. Sometimes, they are one of the first chances you have to make a good impression. Either way, you don't want either opportunity to spiral down the drain as the result of a poor presentation.

Now, it’s true that you can have a beautiful presentation, but your presenter is also an unengaging speaker. In that case, it’s not the fault of the presentation, and professional graphics cannot save the deal any more than a beautiful book cover makes up for a bad novel.

Conversely, it can happen that you have an engaging speaker, but they are using a presentation that is poorly designed, too crowded with text, distracting animations, and images that do not work well with the content. This is far more common (even likely), and fortunately, a professional designer can help you avoid this situation in two ways: with branded template slides and with fully designed presentations.

Branded slide templates

Any business that uses presentations as part of their sales and marketing efforts would benefit from having a template that is used throughout the company. We have encountered more than one organization that allowed sales people to create their own presentations using different background colors, different fonts, something using the logo, some not, some placing it in different locations on the slide, and so on. Needless to say, a branded template would prevent this watered-down brand experience and encourage a unified “voice” throughout the organization. No matter who is presenting and in what venue, if they are using a professionally designed template, they will project the look and feel that best represents your business.

Fully designed presentations

Some businesses realize that they can enhance their presentations by moving beyond having only a template to having a designer create the entire slide presentation. Designing with graphics that integrate with your brand, but which then "get out of the way" to allow your speaker to capture everyone's attention is the goal of a good presentation. This strikes an effective balance between giving your speaker the visual support they need and also giving them room to adjust their message for any given situation. A speaker who knows they are using the best possible presentation is also likely to be a more confident presenter.

Review these helpful tips on LInkedIn for creating and giving an effective presentation.

Whether your business finds itself presenting to potential clients as a first step of introduction or a last step of closing the deal, having an effective and professional presentation is one more way you can place yourself a step above the competition.

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