Design Integration is Essential to Connecting with Your Audience

Design Integration is Essential to Connecting with Your Audience
Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat. ~Sun Tzu

If you've ever owned a business, you've undoubtedly asked yourself, "How do I reach potential customers?" And not only reach them in the physical sense of making sure they read your email, receive your brochure, or stop by your event booth, but also, how do you reach them in the sense that they connect with your business's message?

Perhaps a few years ago, newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, and leave-behind information was enough to put your business in front of the public. And best of all for small businesses, for the most part, you could be assured that you only had to deal with regional competition.

If you haven't noticed, things have changed a bit.

Now, with expectations of having a website and a social media presence, the avenues for marketing have grown exponentially, but so have the costs. Printers are charging more because they're trying to make up their losses because of the digital landscape, and in the digital world, social media ad sellers can basically name their price... well, because they can.

In the next few weeks, I'll discuss some of the pros and cons of having so many marketing avenues available for your business and why the integration of design is crucial to getting the most out of your marketing investment. I will also touch on planning and executing successful marketing solutions for your small business that are based on 1) your business goals, and 2) a common sense, logical strategy to achieving those goals.

We will discuss:

  1. Defining your business marketing strategy so that it dovetails into your overall business goals 
  2. Creating step-by-step tactics for achieving those goals (and knowing the difference between strategies and tactics)
  3. Scheduling action items over time, allowing for unexpected variables and scalability
  4. Determining the message that your business intends to consistently communicate to your customers
  5. Designing your collateral around a consistent, integrated brand identity
  6. Evaluating what works and what needs improving

Logicalinks can assist with practically every phase of your strategy, tactics, and action items to make sure that your business is squeezing the most out of your marketing dollar.

Take advantage of our FREE, custom evaluation of your website based on four major areas that can make or break its effectiveness. Details are on sign-up page.

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