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Client logo sample
  • Client: Lakeside marine canvas
  • Category: business brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
Lakeside Marine Canvas is one of the southeast's most technologically advanced providers of canvas covers for boats and other vehicles.

The owners wanted to emphasize the canvas enclosure that covers the driver and passengers in comfort, so we made it solid and centered as the main focus of the graphic. They also wanted to convey the sense of fun that people associate with a day on the lake, as well as movement to represent their forward thinking and innovation in the way they use cutting-edge technology to custom fit their canvas products.

Using the strong imagery of a circle, we the yellow/orange of the top half represents the sun, and the blue and reversed lower half represent the water and the wake of the boat. Curving off a little bit of the circle under the front of the boat visually pulls the boat forward.

We provided the client with a robust, full-color logo using gradients for marketing items, as well as two-color and one-color options for simpler specialty items.
Client logo sampleClient logo sample
Client logo sample
  • Client: WMU (EMPLOYer)
  • Category: product brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
The logo for the WMU Heritage Series was created for a series of books that began with the biography of Annie Armstrong, the founder of WMU.

In the logo for this series, the gnomon of the sundial and its shadow become an abstraction of Annie's initials. The sundial also represents the march across time, with each subject of the series being a part of the legacy of WMU.

Below are the books in the WMU Heritage Series, each having a common design approach to the subject matter, and each cover designed by us.
Client logo sampleClient logo sampleClient logo sampleClient logo sampleClient logo sample on books
Logo contest sample
  • Client: competition
  • Category: product brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
Gander Outdoors held a nationwide design contest for the creation of their new logo.

This became a personal project in which we submitted many possible designs. While none of our logos were chosen as finalists, the new CEO, Marcus Lemonis, indicated via email that he really liked ("totally love" in his words) the logo with the binoculars.

He indicated that he was looking for something that would break away from the old Gander Mountain which focused too much on mountains, but little art direction was provided beyond that.

While disappointed that we did not win, we were pleased that each of our logos were met with appreciation for their creativity on the social media sites where we submitted our entries. We show a few entries here to illustrate how we are able to provide many different looks for one project.
Logo contest sampleLogo contest sampleLogo contest sampleLogo contest sample
Client logo sample
  • Client: sterling industries (spec)
  • Category: corporate brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
Sterling Industries is a modern furnishings and home accessories distributor outside of Atlanta. Their current logo has nothing to indicate what their industry is. While attempting to secure some work with them, we created a new logo and stationery mockups for them to consider.

The iconic house silhouette is woven into the letters of Sterling in order to make a door and an attention-getting lamp in the window, representing more fully what they sell.

The stationery used orange as accent colors to draw attention to the lamp in the window, again, pushing the focus back to home furnishings.
Client logo sample on stationery
Client logo sample
  • Client: meansling
  • Category: corporate brand
    ROLE: production & some design
The owners at MeanSling approached us about cleaning up and choosing a font that would go with their idea for a logo. They had already sketched out the silhouette of the front of a Polaris SlingShot (the vehicles the MeanSling accessories are made for), but they needed it cleaned up, made proportional, and a font that worked with their graphic.

After providing them several color and font iterations, this logo is the one that was settled upon. It has received positive feedback for the owners, with many people wanting a t-shirt or hat.
Client logo sample on bagsClient logo sample on bagsClient logo sample on flagClient logo sample on hat
logo proposal sample
  • Client: Personal Project
  • Category: Event brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
The Atlanta Arts Festival was a relatively short-lived festival that was held in the summer, between numerous other spring and fall festivals held in the Atlanta area.

Piedmont Park served as the venue for the festival, where the well-known bridges have arched structures. Besides incorporating the bridge arches, the logo also has two triangles representing the AA initials of Atlanta Arts.

This was created as pro bono work to help a friend, but was ultimately not chosen as the logo for that particular year.
client logo sample
  • Client: levite jewish community center
  • Category: corporate brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
We had been designing the Levite Jewish Community Center's monthly newsletter and designing many of their collateral pieces for a couple of years when they asked us to also create a new logo.

For continuity and Jewish identity's sake, they wanted to keep the menorah which had been part of their previous logo, but they wanted to modify it in a way that implied unity, community, and energy.

As always, a circle/oval shape is a strong visual trigger for unity, so it is centered over the initials, the abbreviation often used when referring to the center. The branches extend up in a "swoosh" movement from the C that stands for community and move through the oval to the flames/lights that move beyond the borders of the circle, representing the center's openness to all.
client logo sample
  • Client: knitter nut :)
  • Category: product brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
Acouple of our friends are master knitters, not only able to knit practically anything, but also able to create designs for others to use.

We were approached to create a fun design for the business that played off the stereotype that knitting is only for 1950s-type women. So instead of trying to look hip and cool, we went with bright colors and Jetsons-style graphics that jived well with the tongue-in-cheek irreverent name.
client logo sample on bag
client logo sample
  • Client: Elysium Cottage
  • Category: corporate brand
    ROLE: Art direction & design
We had such fun coming up with this logo for Elysium Cottage, a business that brings together practitioners of several metaphysical therapies all under one roof.

For the logo, the owner imagined a reaching figure with roots (a common image in meditative practices) woven in with a mandala, a graphic also associated with meditation.

The rich colors in the logo were favorites of the owner and are representative of the vibrance the business brings to the community. Because such bright colors can be sometimes be distracting, we used the purple around the edge of the mandala to visually connect both sides of the name that is split by the figure in the middle, bringing the graphic and the text together as a whole.
client logo sample on soap packaging
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