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Horizon Software logo
  • Client: horizon software (employer)
  • Category: corporate branding
    ROLE: Art direction & design; web design & development; video design & development
In 2015, Horizon Software was moving in a new direction with its software offerings, its business processes, and its presentation to prospects and customers. The primary impetus for this move was the addition of a cloud-based, subscription software to the lineup of local-host software.

While wanting to move forward, the senior management did not want to abandon the "Z" aspect that was highly recognized by customers in the company's current logo. They also wanted the new logo to convey forward movement with a tech vibe.

After several iterations, the logo that was chosen uses a very easy-to-read, bold font to represent the simplicity of the software and the stability of the company. The Z is highlighted in the word mark, combining the blue and orange from the logo colors of each of the company's respective software offerings.

The orange and the blue elements in the top of the Z meet to form an arrow that visually moves forward and upward, with shadow of the arrow forming the lower part of the Z. The accordion-like arrangement of the Z elements also represents an unfolding, a growing and developing company with innovation at its core.

In addition to the logo design, we also:
• redesigned and built the responsive corporate website,
• designed new trade show booth items,
• created the basic template for collateral redesign,
• redesigned presentation templates,
• designed and created videos, and
• redesigned corporate stationery, including business cards and office cube name plates

While the logo was incorporated into all customer-facing materials, the senior management took the opportunity to encourage innovation and fresh approaches to customer service, making this corporate rebranding a complete transition throughout the company.
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