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Horizon Campaign montage
  • Client: Horizon software (employer)
  • Category: marketing
    role: concept, puns, Art direction, & production
Our marketing team at Horizon Software was looking for ways to create interest in Horizon's booth at the large industry event. The first step was to come up with a direct mail piece that would stand out from other mail, be entertaining & personal, and have a compelling reason for attendees to give us information that would help our sales people at the show.

Since Horizon's business is selling software for school lunches, the constant "competitor" is the made-at-home lunch. So turning that idea on its head, I came up with the concept of making our mailer look like a sandwich, which fit the lunch theme, as well as accommodating itself well to the proportions of a square mailer.

Knowing that it also needed to be personalized, we partnered with EBSCO, a printing and marketing company. We provided artwork to them that allowed for invitee's names and other information from our mailing list to be slugged into certain areas of the text. Each person also had a private URL that included their name, where they could visit to take a personalized survey.

We made it fun and interesting with corny puns based on the "ingredients" in the sandwiches, along with relevant information about our software and services. The mailing was put together in such a way that it looked as if someone had assembled a sandwich. And to complete the piece, it was mailed in a plain, brown paper bag. (The envelope was not my idea, but it was truly a stroke of genius.)

And finally, we offered a chance at prizes for those who completed the survey. This information provided sales people at the show all of the information they needed to start a conversation with attendees as they showed up to see if they had won the grand prize.

You can read the case study prepared by EBSCO in the four panels above to see how the well the concept and execution resulted in excellent visitor response rate (16.25%) and conversion rates (70.8%). Our sales people were also pleased at how well-prepared they were to greet customers at the event, already knowing what they were interested in.
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