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Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship

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  • Client: Atlanta mennonite fellowship
  • Category: Website
    ROLE: redesign & build
Atlanta Mennonite Fellowship is a small congregation of people committed to justice and peace. Knowing a few of their members personally, I offered them my services pro bono as my way of giving back to a community I believe in.

Their original site was lovingly maintained via a standard Wordpress template, but the elders knew it was time to update the site to provide a more updated, positive user experience. To highlight the church's "selling points," it was important to point out what makes it unique among many other churches in the area, to make it more visually appealing, and to make it responsive for mobile devices.

Besides the visual changes, the most important marketing advice we offered were the following changes:
1) add a page specifically for visitors so that they would know what to expect and where to go when they arrived at church
2) offer more information about the Mennonite faith, since it is not well known in the South; 
3) bring their social media accounts more front and center; and
4) create a page for contributions.

The elders and the congregation at large all seem to agree that the new, responsive site has been a welcome improvement to the older version.

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