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Custom presentation branding
  • Client: random
  • Category: presentations
    ROLE: art direction & design
Many people use presentations to pitch their ideas to potential customers, to explain information to their own team, or to provide looped video to customers at a display booth. Whatever your reason to use presentations, the best way to provide a cohesive, professional, engaging presentation is to utilize the services of a graphic designer.

In the case of our client above, it is clear that she understood the first rule of presentations... don't just stand there and read the text off of the slide! She wanted her presentation to provide information, but in a way that made her audience focus on the her, rather than the slide.

Working closely together on the concepts she wanted to communicate, we came up with a combination of timed animations, slide transitions, and interesting graphics that worked together in a way so as to be interesting and memorable, but not distracting.

We appreciated this client's testimony about her experience working with us:
Logicalinks did an amazing job of listening to the message I want to convey in my keynote presentation, reviewing ideas around the type of visuals are attractive to me, and nailing it on the head the first time! Cheryl is so easy to work with, professional, and extremely talented. She does an incredible job of creating a cohesiveness throughout the project. 

Keynote and Powerpoint are easy for the average person to use as far as adding text and bringing in images, but business people can still benefit from using a design and marketing professional to create a presentation that might elevate your business above the competition. And if not a whole presentation, then a template that everyone uses across the board will certainly work to strengthen your brand.
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