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UX/UI app design

UI-UX design
  • Client: Horizon Software (employer)
  • Category: App Design
    ROLE: art direction & design
MyPaymentsPlus is an online payment system for school lunches. They maintain a a website presence as well as a smartphone app. Rumors abound that the app will eventually give way to a mobile web page, but as of this writing, the app is still available, and has mixed reviews. The poor reviews are, unfortunately, about the bugginess in the operation of the app itself, but not the design.

The MPP team approached me to design a very basic, clean layout that would allow parents to view student's school lunch payment balances and histories, as well as make payments. I worked with the development team to come up with a design that would load fast, be easy to read, and intuitive.

(Since these are final screenshots, I want to point out that the developers choose to move the MyPaymentPlus bar from top to bottom on different screens in an inconsistent manner. I don't remember their reason, but design was overridden by whatever coding required the move. It bothered me then, and it bothers me now, but that's the way it goes sometimes.)
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