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It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Including professional photos in your business communications can explain services or products and chronicle events so much better and faster than any description alone.

For businesses where your service results in compelling "before & after" results (for example: landscaping, construction, cleaning, etc.), photos are valuable selling points.

For businesses where your services may be difficult to explain (for example: remediation, plumbing, electrical, etc.), a series of images showing the progress of work helps customers understand what might be involved. This understanding helps them appreciate the effort and cost involved in such services.

And of course, businesses where the process is straightforward, sometimes, just showing an actual staff member engaged in their task creates a human connection that is valuable in its own right (for example: customer support person on phone, dental hygienist at work, cashier being pleasant to customers).

Photos are also an expected feature of any business that sells products, and usually, several shots from different angles. Depending on the product, many customers expect a descriptive or instructional video as well. Showing your store displays often makes for an impressive representation of your business.

Photos of your business events provide a great resource for future videos, as well as providing attendees an album of their experience. Showing happy, satisfied customers and prospects is a positive image to offer in your marketing materials.

The more you appeal to someone's need for information about what you're selling, the better your marketing material serves you. Let photos & videos do the selling for you.
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