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architectural shot
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    ROLE: photographer
Why is architectural photography a service worth offering? Its importance is self-evident for real estate agencies and architectural firms wanting to highlight their work, but what about other businesses? Business "glamour shots" can serve three purposes.

First, if you have a space that you take pride in, one that exudes professionalism, creativity, great inventory, or efficiency, then communicating those aspects will serve you well with your customers. It will be a first impression via your marketing materials that will signal to them that your services or products are equally professional, creative, available, or efficient. Highlighting the best features of your space is also important for attracting potential employees who are researching your business via your website.

Second, If you have a work environment that is working for you, but not necessarily awe-inspiring, a good photographer can help accent its strengths and minimize its flaws. This is not an attempt to mislead your customer, but to help them see that the strengths outweigh any objections to the flaws.

Third, at least for exterior shots, a photo will help people visiting your business identify its location easier. A lot of people, even when using GPS, still recognize places by landmarks and visual cues more than maps or voice commands. If you have a distinctive sign, brick color, entry way, awning, etc., these are excellent markers to help your customers find you.
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