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Editorial photography is an area that is most commonly available through numerous online stock photography sites. Many times, someone who is creating marketing material that tells a generic story is able to find generic photos that work for their purposes. However, those times when specific imagery is needed to communicate a specific story, using a custom photography will result in a more compelling message.

Editorial photos are most commonly defined as those used in newspapers or magazines which serve to move the article along visually and to support the narrative. The images may or may not spring directly from the story. For example, a National Geographic® story will almost always be accompanied by photos directly related to the story being told, shot by the photographer on site with the writer. On the other hand, a story in a newspaper about opioid addition may contain a generic image of needles in an alley & a blighted cityscape and other specific-to-the-subject but not specific-to-the-story photos.

Your business may need editorial photos if you have a newsletter, for example, where you communicate success stories about specific customers, or you might be reporting on business trends in a way that calls for specific imagery related to a specific industry. We stand ready to shoot those situations for you.

The images we present here are random samples of the wide variety of subjects and situations that are available. They are not tied to a particular client, but simply serve to show the range of images that can be considered editorial.
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