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  • Client: horizon software
  • Category: video
    ROLE: storyboarding, filming, editing, special effects, audio, modifying templates
Video is one of THE most effective ways to communicate with your customers. It not only allows people to see more about your products and services, it allows them to understand in the way that is closest to the most natural way of human communication. Granted, it is one-way communication, but most people are appreciative of the opportunity to discover more about your business or product while in the "seeking information" stage. They are receiving the info they need without dealing with an overbearing sales person, they can view it at their leisure, and they can review the information as often as they like.

While video is a very worthwhile endeavor, it can also be one of the most complicated, costly, and time-consuming from a creation standpoint. The good news is that the return on investment is second only to your website in terms of meeting your customers' expectations.

Depending on whether you want to create an instructional video for your product(s), a video that explains & markets your services, an introductory video that highlights your team and your business, or an upcoming event video to build excitement, we can handle most of your needs. What we can't handle, we will contract with a third-party expert or we will pass on the project altogether, because we want you to be satisfied with the result and have an end product that works for you.

All sorts of ideas exist out there that can help you market your business more completely. Let us know if we can help you create something uniquely you.
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