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  • Client: random
  • Category: photo manipulation
    ROLE: Manipulator
Photo manipulation is often needed in marketing in order to make sure the product or service is presented in the best possible light. It is also used to create compelling scenes that only exist in the mind of the owner who wants to tell a visual story about their business.

Sometimes, the manipulation is as simple as adding a missing employee into a group shot or taking scratches & dust out of an old photo. But it can also be as complicated as dropping the background out of an image and inserting a totally different scene (as in the car/sunset image above). Or as fun as turning an ordinary photo into a watercolor-type greeting card.

While the ability to manipulate pixels has advanced tremendously in the past few years, it also creates a skepticism that what we see is not really the truth of the matter. To be clear, we do not modify/manipulate an image in order to mislead the viewer; instead, we seek to combine images to create a concept (as in the apple ads above) or to improve images in a way that features the product without distracting elements (as in the SlingShot image above).
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