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Highlands Group

photo of flyers for IBM
  • Client: The Highlands Group
  • Category: Product flyers
    ROLE: Art direction & production; IBM/Printmaster designed from modified template
Working with products which are visually "less than glamorous" and which have numerous technical specifications can result in a difficult design assignment. We found ourselves in that situation when designing product flyers for IBM®, PrintMaster®, and Evergreen® toner products via their marketing partners, The Highlands Group.

The flyers we were tasked with redesigning often used very small product photos with large areas of unbroken text or large areas of short text with no focal point. In some flyers, unrelated, provocative imagery was used to garner attention. Fortunately, the client agreed with our assessment and thanked us for suggesting the move away from pandering.

Our solutions:
  • Provide each brand with bright, attention-getting color palettes which reinforce the respective logo colors. 
  • Break up large text areas by placing related text into related sections and use headlines to draw attention.
  • Provide interest to areas with little text by using icons that visually reinforce the one- or two-sentence statements.
  • Focus the imagery on the product and/or the office environment, or relate it to the recycled nature of the product.
It is important to make sure that all of your customer and prospect-facing collateral is integrated with design, color, and layout. Your brand value will be reinforced by using these elements in a way that presents your product professionally and with visual interest, no matter the product or service you're offering.
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