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Horizon Software

photo of direct mail campaign for HorizonFind out more about this successful campaign in a case study written by the printer.
  • Client: horizon software (employer)
  • Category: print items
    ROLE: Art direction & production
Horizon Software afforded many opportunities to design printed materials. From direct mail postcards and flyers to multi-page booklets and conference invitations, presenting information for the company's software through compelling design was always a top priority.

At Horizon Software, as with many industries, the main objective is to effectively communicate the benefits of the product to the target audience. This often involves integrating a lot of information into a small space, highlighting the most most essential topics with relevant images and headlines.

In the top-most example, a sandwich became my idea for an entire campaign... the presentation (assembling the printed pieces as the elements of a sandwich), the design, the images, the puns, and using the personalized URLs to gather information. Mailing the piece in a brown paper lunch bag was my colleague's idea, which really brought the entire mailing together nicely. Read more about the success of this particular campaign in a case study written by the print vendor.
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