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Studio 87 Yoga

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  • Client: Studio 87 Yoga
  • Category: website
    ROLE: redesign & build
Studio 87 Yoga is a lovely business in historic downtown Norcross, Georgia that provides classes in Iyengar yoga, a specific type of yoga that emphasizes the use of props to avoid injury and to ease into difficult poses.

The owners wanted to update their site to make it responsive and to better organize the information on their previous site, which had too many pages of navigation. We accomplished their intentions by organizing related areas of their offerings into specific pages. Additionally, we created a content-driven site as it relates to classes and events, so that the client merely has to update a simple webform, and the information distributes itself across all pages as needed.

We used a palette that draws its main colors from a beautiful, room-dividing tapestry that greets students as they enter the class room. This integration of website and on site ambiance works to further strengthen their business brand.

And finally, we are adding the ability to pay for classes and workshops online, simplifying the process for the studio and the students, as well as avoiding paper waste.
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