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  • Client: Horizon Software (employer)
  • Category: website
    ROLE: Redesign & build; some copy writing
    site: (The site no longer carries my design.)
Undertaking any corporate website redesign can be a daunting task, and the Horizon Software site was no exception. One thing that made it challenging is that Horizon Software serves multiple markets with different software for each, and in one market, there are two distinct softwares that offer different solutions to the same problems.

Our main challenge with the navigational structure was to make sure that the viewer understood immediately which market they was the correct one for them. Once they were in the right section, we then wanted to direct them to the best solution for their needs.

The most obvious ways to accomplish the navigational challenge is to use images that best represent the end user, and to use bold headlines that clearly point out the market. A more subliminal solution is the use of specific colors assigned to each market. Throughout the site, headlines, image borders, backgrounds, and accent colors all match within the overall market color. Wherever the page contained general Horizon Software information, the "Horizon blue" and gray are used to avoid assignment with any particular market.

The high-level to detail-level approach is used to funnel viewers to the information they are seeking. Headlines and snippets appear first with a link to dig further. A synopsis, often with bullet points, made up the next level with a link to dig further. Details with in-depth information, case studies, videos, and related materials all appear on the final level. This funnel approach helps the user quickly scan the site to determine if they are in the right place for the information they are seeking.

Since a team of contributors maintains the site, it was important to set up areas wherein a content management system allows for easy updating of information. These areas include the events page, case studies, blog posts, and testimonials.
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