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School Nutrition Association

photo of website: SNA proposal
  • Client: School Nutrition Association
  • Category: website
    ROLE: design & build
While working at Horizon Software, the company decided they would offer a website tool/wizard to help schools and school districts figure out ways to maximize their school nutrition budgets. The idea was to utilize their information in such a way that meal planning, procurement, development, and assessment tools were all working together in one place.

Prior to the age of responsive websites, I was tasked with creating a design prototype that would be developed on the backside by the R & D department. I designed and built a site that had working HTML down to three levels of the goal planning area. The design was met with great enthusiasm by Horizon Software, as well as by the School Nutrition Association people, but the project fizzled, never going beyond the prototype phase. I never discovered why. Such is the way of not being in on the top-level meetings. :)
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