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Southeastern Railway Museum

photo of website: SRM
  • Client: southeastern railway museum
  • Category: website
    ROLE: redesign & build; photography
Another non-profit's site designed & created pro bono was the Southeastern Railway Museum (SRM). As with many non-profits who lack resources to hire a professional designer, they used a generic Wordpress site. Unfortunately, most template sites become a mess when the administrators need to customize it to fit their needs. Such was the case with SRM.

To improve the user experience, we created very defined entry points into the unique features of the museum. To highlight the historical museum aspect of the site, we created a "throw back" look to the home page and interior pages, using colors as subtle cues tied in to the navigation.

This site was created by hand in Dreamweaver, prior to the days of responsive sites. They now have updated to a responsive site, so the provided link goes to the original files from when we turned it over to their admin

All photography of trains (including the ones that look like historical photos) and inside the museum were images that we shot and manipulated.

Below is the site's homepage as it appeared before our redesign.
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