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Joie Grrl Herbal Essentials

photo of JoieGrrl proposal
photo of JoieGrrl proposal
  • Client: joie GRrL herbal essentials
  • Category: website
    ROLE: redesign
Joie Grrl Herbal Essentials is the business of a friend of ours. In 2011, we offered to give their site a facelift. We designed a landing page they really liked, but at that time, they did not feel comfortable moving forward with a redesign. We are pleased with this design and hope one day to be able to join with them in rebuilding their site.

The main accomplishment in our homepage redesign was to pick up the colors from the old site, incorporating them into a softer "spa" health-and-wellness look that minimized the logo, but used it to draw attention to a statement about Joie Grrl.

Below is the homepage as it existed at the time we offered a redesign.
photo of JoieGrrl old site
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