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photo of MudFire proposal
photo of MudFire proposal
  • Client: mudfire Pottery Center
  • Category: website
    ROLE: redesign & some photography
Pottery is one of those arts whose practitioners have my sincere admiration. Having taken pottery in college and also dinking around with it on and off over the years, I understand the talent, practice, and patience it takes to become really good at it.

MudFire is a delightful business offering pottery classes in the Atlanta area. Besides the cool name, the studio itself is a mix of beginning and professional potters, a large space in which to work, and an environment where people are encouraged to trade pottery stories, read magazines, and drink coffee.

After maintaining a membership there for a few months, it appeared their site was not reflecting their business as well as it could. In 2011, we redesigned their home page and presented it to the owners, with the idea of bartering a redesign for continuing membership. They loved the design and would have been on board with a barter, and they agreed their current site was not representing their business well. However, they were only days away from launching a new site! Oh well, bad timing for us, but at least they got a better site and we gained a redesign to include in our portfolio. :)

Below is the homepage of the site they had at the time I redesigned it.
photo of MudFire old site
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