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This client was a referral from another website client I worked with who also owns a Human Resources Consulting business. This is one of the few Wordpress sites I've built, but the client insisted that she wanted to stay with the WP platform... and I always try to make a client happy. However, she was finding her previous site unintuitive and difficult to update. Additionally, and more importantly, she wanted help with the marketing and design of her site. I used the Divi theme to help improve the visual and editing aspect of her website, and fortunately, she found it very user friendly for managing her content.

Her previous site was very stripped down, not responsive, and offered only a bit about her background and a little of what role as a consultant. I made several suggestions to help her focus her new content on the many benefits she could bring to a client, as well as the processes for achieving success.

She was quite pleased with how her new site not only highlights her value to potential clients, but also helps them understand how she works within an organization to help them arrive at their desired results. She is also happy that she could stay on a platform that is now easier to update and that fit nicely into her budget.
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