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Horizon Software Users Conference

photo of website: Horizon UGC
For the past several years, Horizon Software has hosted a conference for the users of their software. It is a three-day event filled with a lot of educational opportunities related to using the software and best practices for school nutrition processes. Additionally, it's a great time to network with colleagues, and for many, the fun events provide a vacation-like atmosphere where they can unwind.

For the 2016 Users Conference (UC), I started with a Webflow template for expediency's sake, stripped it down to the essential structure, and then rebuilt it using our own navigation, image & text placements, and adding pages and elements as needed. The video and photos of the event were also created by me.

While I have created the websites for the events from 2009–2016, the links below will jump to the 2012–2015 sites, most of which are not responsive, but still show the range of design that reflected the particular themes for the event. Each of these sites were created and published with Dreamweaver.
2012 UC site
2013 UC site
2014 UC site
2015 UC site
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